The Four Seasons


This week sees the start of our fourth season in the coffee shop. We have been gearing up with weekend openings in March but expect to be up to full steam from this weekend making lattes and cappuccinos by the score each day.

Looking back we realise we had a lot to learn at first, but it’s been an enjoyable time for us; working together to create this place from scratch. When we were planning we massively underestimated the work involved in ensuring the coffee shop was ready to go each day with consistently high quality food and drink. It’s easier for us to do it now and we’re getting quite good at ‘enjoying the moment’.

What has made it a pleasure is the interaction with our customers, young and old. We have chatted to so many people: visitors from abroad, many of them completing the coast to coast walk; families with young children enjoying our reading corner or playing outside in the playground; former pupils from the school with stories to tell about their time here; and our growing group of ‘regulars’, some of whom we see perhaps once a year during their annual visit to the village. Our perfect day is busy enough to make it feel worthwhile but with time enough to chat to customers as we serve them.

Favourite quotes from our customers:

“I’ve had the best cup of coffee I’ve tasted in Yorkshire, your toilets were spotless and now I’m listening to my favourite Dylan track - perfect!”

“We’d like our usual drinks please and can we have the case of dinosaurs to play with?”

“Is this a real village?”
Here we record highlights from our day to day activity