Spring back


We’ve had a busy Easter despite the continuing unseasonal cold weather. We have had the log burner on every day and people have been grateful for the warmth. On the days when the sun has shone and the temperature has got up to a more respectable level people have enjoyed sitting outside in the playground with their drinks. We have both had to work hard to keep our parts of the menu (Bill savoury, Emily sweet) restocked each day. We will close for a few days after the school holidays end (from the 17th to the 19th inclusive). With a bit of luck the weather will have improved by then and we can get some plants into our raised bed as well as catching up with a few other maintenance jobs.


We weren’t open last Easter so we didn’t know quite what to expect in terms of trade. Our Simnel cake had all gone by Easter Saturday but Emily’s Easter biscuits proved popular, especially with our younger customers. We’ve had lots of families visiting us, including quite a few returning for a visit last year. One three year old came up to Bill on entering, to order: ‘dinosaurs’ (to play with, not to eat) as he’d enjoyed them so much on his last visit.

More snow today, albeit only a brief flurry quickly followed by rain. Need to get some more logs soon. Before we opened we had a visit from our barista mentor. He took us through the process for checking and adjusting our coffee grinder to ensure we get a perfect measure of coffee every time for our shots (8 grammes for single 16 for double). He also gave us our first lesson it latte art. Bill has been practising producing hearts - it’s all in the pouring. One slip and you end up with an onion instead! This one is quite good and tasted good too.


Here we record highlights from our day to day activity