April 2012

Just an ordinary coffee please...


Just finished our first fortnight operating as a coffee shop. We had a quiet day today with only a handful of customers thanks to unending rain from first thing. The river must be rising with all this downpour.

Those who did come were grateful for the fire, the coffee and the Portuguese custard tarts. We’ve had a good first fortnight with a mix of quiet and busy times. Customers have liked the ambience we’ve created in the Old School and, if initially a bit bemused by our menu, have enjoyed the snacks and drinks once they’ve dived in and tried them.

We’ve had lots of warm comments in our visitors book, which is very encouraging, as well as lots of opportunities to chat to people. One very nice man gave the perfect feedback: “I’ve just had a lovely walk across the moor, your toilets are sparklingly clean, you’ve given me the best cup of coffee I’ve had in a long time and you’re playing Bob Dylan. What more could I ask for?”

On our first Friday, the children and teachers came from Egton School as our VIP guests for our official opening. When the school closed on 1996, the eleven remaining children moved to Egton so we thought it would be appropriate for the current children from Egton (35 of them) to mark our opening. They came dressed as Victorian schoolchildren and their teachers put them through their Victorian style lessons with times tables, recitation and drill. Lots of their parents came too and enjoyed coffee and cake. The children and staff were fantastic and it was great to see the playground thronging with children again. We’ll keep up the link with the school.



We have set up a Facebook page for the coffee shop (Old School Coffee Shop) so you can ‘Like’ us on that, if you use Facebook.

We intend to reshape this website to reflect our new status. Not sure how often we’ll manage to blog but we’ll keep adding stuff to the site.

Thanks to all those who have been following our blog and for all the messages of support and good luck. Do come and see us when you’re in this part of the world.

We’re open seven days from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

Doors to manual and stand by…


Well, here we are. We open in one day’s time. Just one more day to practise our smoothies and shakes, then, at 10.30am on Monday (16th) we open the doors.

In between the last minute deliveries (soup kettle, sundae spoons, dandelion and burdock) we’ve had lots of people wishing us good luck, some by card, some e-mail and some in person. All gratefully received and banked.

We feel like we’re teetering at the top of a steep roller coaster ride. We know it’s just coffees and snacks and lots of people have been here before but it’s still our first time. We wonder how we’ll look back on it in a month - probably from the horizontal.

Thanks to everyone who has taken an interest. We hope to see you all eventually and serve you the ‘best of all drinks’…

Here we record highlights from our day to day activity