August 2012



We settle into a daily routine with most days being pretty busy, as they should be at this time of year. The first three hours of the day are about preparing: both ourselves and the coffee shop. Then six hours of service followed by an hour or so of clearing up and a trip to the supermarket to restock. We try and include a walk up the hill after our evening meal, then an hour or two to relax. Early to bed to be ready for the next day.

Our nephew Dominic spent a week with us, including on our busiest day so far. He was a real asset: cheerful, diligent and unflappable. He overlapped by one day with his sister Amy and cousin Emily who will be with us for the next fortnight.

Customers continue to be very positive, even in our busy times and we have garnered some good reviews on Trip Advisor .

We have had some more recollections from former pupils of the school which we record in a book we keep on our counter. The most recent was from a former pupil who attended the school during the 1940s. He told us that the head teacher at that time was keen on using the cane. The canes had to be ordered from York and were delivered by train. The boys discovered a convenient hole in the ceiling and, unbeknownst to the head teacher, posted his canes through the hole into the void above. One night in 1941 a German bomb fell in the churchyard next to the school. As well as damaging gravestones it blew off part of the school roof, shattered the windows and brought part of the ceiling down, including the stash of secreted canes.


Here we record highlights from our day to day activity