August 2014

Take a pew


We noticed St Matthew’s (the church next to the coffee shop) was selling some of its pews so we bought one. Our school was closely connected with the church and it seemed appropriate for us to hold on to one. We think it dates from the 1870s when the original church was replaced with the current much larger one. A dwindling congregation and a desire to make space for community events has prompted the selling off of the larger old pews. We hope our customers will enjoy using ours and we’ll put a plaque on it to make them aware of its provenance.


Bill found a quiet moment to snap the playground with some customers enjoying the sunshine. Everyone has been enjoying the outdoors in the sun and we’ve discovered the parasols function well enough as umbrellas during short-lived summer showers.
The wall tables are proving very popular.


We were very impressed by these young visitors from Germany who came up with this brilliant construction using our hoops. A case of ‘Vorsprung durch kreativitat’ we think. We enjoyed meeting them. It’s great seeing lots of families at this time of year and how much they enjoy playing together in the playground (adults too).


Amy & Emily, two of our nieces, have been working with us for the last ten days. Here they are with a chocolate and orange marble cake they made (It didn’t take long to sell!). This is their third season with us. It’s lovely having them on the team. They are very capable and experienced as well as being a joy to work with; we’ll miss them when they’ve gone.
Here we record highlights from our day to day activity