August 2017

Sunshine and rain


Emily's sunflowers are in bloom at the moment and looking good despite the very variable weather in August so far. We have had some sunny days but quite a few showers and some cooler cloudy days. The bees love the sunflowers though and they seem to attract customers into the coffee shop too.


We have seen this Southern region engine (Repton) back on the line after a major refurbishment. It looks amazing in its gleaming green livery. It has joined the more workaday regular locomotives in hauling trains up and down the line to Pickering.


Bill's savoury tarts continue to be popular. He bakes three different sets of fillings each time: goats' cheese and red onion marmalade; asparagus, stilton and walnut; and beetroot, feta and hazelnut. Our staff have tears in their eyes if they're around when Bill is making the red onion marmalade.
Here we record highlights from our day to day activity