February 2014

It's been a quiet week...


We re-opened for the half term week after our winter break. It’s been very quiet. The absence of steam trains running to the village has dramatically reduced the number of visitors when compared with last year. Sunday was a good day however, with lots of walkers making the most of the dry and sunny weather. Those who have found their way to the village have been pleased to find us open. Emily has tried out some new cake recipes including cupcakes with camomile icing and orange flavoured biscuits in animal shapes, using the moulds we found on our visit to German Christmas markets last year. We have used the time to start to train the young people who are joining our team this year. We’ll have a full on training session for them next weekend, meanwhile they have had a chance to get to grips with our methods and routines.

We have been watching ‘The Restaurant Man’ programmes on BBC2. The series follows Russell Norman, who has set up and run successful restaurants in London, working with first timers fulfilling their dream to set up and run restaurant businesses. It’s fascinating for us seeing people making their way more or less effectively through the processes involved in creating their catering business. We remember going through those steps not so long ago. Russell Norman offers them good advice which is sometimes taken up and other times ignored. I wonder what we would have made of his advice if we had had him around when we were planning and getting ready.


We have now got wine and beer on our menu thanks to our successful application for a licence. We have even sold one or two glasses. We are guessing this will be a welcome addition to our offer. Especially on hot sunny days in the summer, when people will want to relax outside, while watching the trains.

Here we record highlights from our day to day activity