January 2013

Reflections and resolutions


It’s a good day to look back over our first season. Our opening day in April seems a long time ago now and not just because we are in the depths of winter; we feel like we’ve travelled a long way since we opened for trade. I remember a friend saying how significant it feels the first time someone hands you cash for something you’ve made them. He was right. It did.

We’ve served lots of people since then, made over 4,000 cups of coffee, a small mountain of brownies and flapjacks, not to mention a swimming pool’s worth of soup. Our customers, including former teachers and pupils of the school, walkers with muddy boots, visitors from China, the US and New Zealand, people in 1940s outfits - military and civilian, steam enthusiasts and lots of holidaymakers, have been very appreciative and friendly, boosting our confidence that we are doing something right.

We couldn’t have managed without our team members; a core of local young people, who worked with us most weekends as well as friends and members of our extended family helping during the holidays.

We’re going to use the next month to review our menu, perfect our recipes and spruce up the place so it’s fresh and inviting when we open in February. We are going to apply for a licence and, if successful, will run some evening events with live performances on an occasional basis.

We’ll also be taking advantage of the winter sunshine to get some exercise walking and cycling around the village. Here’s a picture of Grosmont taken on our New Year’s day walk. You can just see our roof (with our solar panels) in the shadows in the bottom right of the picture:

Lease Rigg view
Here we record highlights from our day to day activity