July 2014



We were disappointed that ‘Le Tour’ didn’t make it across to the North York Moors, but excited to see it in the county. Having attempted some of the hills on our tandem we can see why they might have preferred the gentler inclines in the Dales. We had some people visiting us on Saturday from York. They were having their outing on that day as they realised they wouldn’t be able to move out of their house the following day. It’s great it was such a success; shame about Cavendish though.


We’ve noticed a couple of robins becoming increasingly bold collecting crumbs from the playground; sometimes with encouragement from our customers. They’re having to work hard as they are raising two very hungry youngsters. The young look bigger than their parents. We thought at first they might be cuckoos but they must just be ‘big boned’.


The sweet peas and clematis seem to be doing well on our entrance gate. Everything is growing madly at the moment. It’s very pleasant sitting out with a drink in the sunshine watching the world go by.
Here we record highlights from our day to day activity