July 2015

Hornlets and a wooden mouse

On quiet days in the coffee shop we play Scrabble on our tablet between serving customers. We had to buy a Scrabble dictionary to find out the meanings of the words the computer accepted as legitimate but that meant nothing to us. One of these was 'hornlets' which we were pleased to discover means little horns. On our walk today, entering a field from a wood, we came across one of the young lambs of the moorland sheep that graze there. It had got its head stuck in the wire fencing. The trouble being that its swept back hornlets went through the hole easily enough, but kept catching when it tried to pull back out. Bill managed to help it extricate itself by grabbing onto the hornlets and guiding them between the wires.

This week has been hot, very hot, like everywhere else. So we were dismayed when our kitchen fridge-freezer seemed to be struggling to do its job in the heat. We decided to replace it and needed to do it fast. Discovering we couldn't just go to the nearest department store and pick one up - apparently they don't keep large items you can buy actually in the store - we resorted to the internet. Sure enough there was a dedicated website based around the business premise of 'next day fridge-freezer delivery'. All was going well until Bill was asked to supply our postcode. When the laughter died down at the other end of the line he was told it would take at least three days before they could get something to our location. A brainwave later, Bill was speaking to a local electrical goods shop in Whitby. They came through magnificently. The gleaming and very chilled fridge freezer was delivered the following afternoon, allowing us to re-open for service with only one day's interruption.

Bill has just sent off to the local printer twenty-five images; photographs taken by him, to be transformed into postcards for sale in the coffee shop. Among them is this detail of the 'Mousey Thompson' carved mouse that can be found - if you know where to look - on the altar in St Matthew's Church next door.

Here we record highlights from our day to day activity