July 2016

Summer's lease


The alternating sun and rain we have had over the past weeks has encouraged the plants in the raised bed to grow and bloom. The lupins have never been so huge. The sweet peas are following on behind. Lots of customers have enjoyed sitting out in the playground in the sunshine, occasionally retreating into the coffee shop balancing cups and cakes when the heavens have opened.


Emily has been trying out some new cake recipes. This Rhubarb and Custard cake went very quickly. Orange and almond cake was popular too. As was a maple pecan coffee cake, made with maple syrup given by a relative visiting from Vermont.


This chair is one of four we bought recently at the local auction to replace some chairs in the coffee shop. We have a mix of old and new chairs but, sadly, some of the old ones struggle with the amount of use they get. These ones we think are either William IV or very early Victorian. They have a lovely carved ram's head shape just below the bar back. Under the seat we found Roman numerals suggesting they were from a set of 12 originally. It's interesting to imagine the places they've been in the past 150 years and the people who have sat on them.

A man from Peru enjoyed Bill's soup so much he ordered a second portion immediately on finishing the first. He said it remained him of the kind his mother used to make!

Bill was pleased to recognise one of our customers as one of the actors from the film 'The Full Monty'. He had all his clothes on during his visit to us though.

Here we record highlights from our day to day activity