June 2014

Eat to the beet


Bill has a small range of soups he prepares: fresh tomato with basil; chunky leek and potato; porcini mushroom with Puy lentil; and corn chowder.

He tries to match the variety of soup he’s making to the weather on the day - chunky leek and potato goes better on colder wetter days, fresh tomato on brighter sunnier ones, but it’s not always possible. Some days are definitely soup days for some reason we can’t fathom. Others, not so much.

He is going to try out a recipe for a chilled soup for the hotter summer days. A version of beetroot soup served with a splash of sour cream. Not sure whether calling it ‘Borscht’ will result in more sales or fewer.


Our kitchen is small and there’s quite an art to fitting in all the processes with their attendant pieces of equipment during morning preparation, without colliding with each other or trying to use the same space. We generally manage though and it is a nice part of the day. We have BBC Radio Four on loud, so it penetrates over the whirr of the mixer, and we can take in the Public Philosopher or Melvin’s ‘In our time’ while we work.


Emily’s sunflowers are coming up but still have quite a way to go. All the rain we have had recently has encouraged the plants in the playground. We are particularly pleased that the Clematis we planted three years ago has decided to flower this year for the first time. On sunny days (yes, there are some) it’s lovely sitting out in the playground.

Here we record highlights from our day to day activity