March 2014

Hop along and see us


We took advantage of the warm spring weather of the past few days to set some flagstones into the playground surface so our younger customers can play hopscotch. The hula hoops we have available have proved to be very popular so we are confident that young (and not so young) visitors will make use of this new facility. We are hoping the sunny springlike weather will stay with us for the weekends while we are open so customers can enjoy our playground ambience.


Emily has been trying out some new cake recipes to tempt customers to visit us during March weekends. These are vanilla cup cakes with apple centres. Yum! Also on offer this weekend is lemon cheesecake. Of course these are in addition to our regular offers: chocolate cakes, Yorkshire curd tarts, brownies and flapjacks. Emily makes sure we always have a gluten free option available.


A (non edible) addition to our display in the coffee shop is this item. It’s about six inches across and looks a bit like some gym equipment for hamsters but is in fact an ‘oiler’. It is a special piece of equipment used to provide lubrication to the axles of steam engines and rolling stock. The pad on the top made of woven cotton and wool is soaked in oil which pushes up to the axles to keep the wheels turning. The last loom in the world that can weave the pads is owned by the North York Moors Railway and is housed in a shed at Grosmont. The NYMR manufactures around 1,000 of the oilers each year. Each is tailor-made to fit the particular rolling stock’s axles. We have more information about the oiler in a display inside the coffee shop.

We were pleased to get a positive review on the blog of the Fancy a Cuppa? website. It’s great that they appreciate our coffee, as well as what we are trying to do here. We are going to appear in their upcoming guide to North Yorkshire coffee shops, so watch out for that.

Here we record highlights from our day to day activity