May 2015

Forks in the road


We started the month with an influx of cyclists; here to watch the professional teams negotiate the 'Cote de Grosmont' - at 16% the steepest climb on day one of the Tour de Yorkshire. The cycle racks Bill had installed were appreciated. Lots of customers enjoyed the bicycle biscuits specially made by Emily and decorated by our young staff.


We hadn't known what to expect on the day, but as 'team coffee shop', in the Tour de Yorkshire yellow and blue, we were ready for anything.


We enjoyed the day, with plenty of people coming to Grosmont to see the race pass through the village creating a lovely carnival atmosphere.
Steam engines on both sides of the level crossing tooted encouragement as the cyclists whizzed by. The field had reduced slightly by the time they reached the village as quite a few riders came a cropper coming down Egton Bank at what is known locally as 'Hags Corner'. An untimely shower had made that piece of road suddenly slippery and about half a dozen riders didn't make the turn successfully. No-one was seriously hurt though.


The local bird population has taken to us in a big way. Generally they do a good job clearing up the crumbs left by paying customers outside in the playground. A pair of blackbirds - we guess they are nesting close by - are getting very cocky, taking food from your hand and, if we don't watch them carefully, coming inside. We know our coffee has a good reputation but didn't think it was for the birds.


It's bluebell time again in the woods behind us. It's a great place for us to walk after a busy day in the coffee shop. We have guides to the woods in the shop for customers who have come to us along the Rail Trail and who want to take a slightly more adventurous and interesting route back to Goathland.

Here we record highlights from our day to day activity