November 2012

'Tis the season


We prepare the Coffee Shop for opening after our end-of-season holiday. We have been closed for the last month and are pleased to get back to Grosmont after our travels.

It’s fun putting up decorations and lights to give the place the feel of Christmas. Obligingly, there’s a heavy frost outside that persists through the day.

Emily bakes in preparation for tomorrow. We’re not sure how busy we’ll be - this is our first December in the Coffee Shop.

It may be that people won’t venture far from the station platform where the ‘ Santa Special’ steam trains arrive. We want to make sure our place is warm, cosy and welcoming for those that do.

We’re having mince pies, hot, spiced apple punch as well as our usual cakes and savouries. We’ll keep the log burner going and have suitable seasonal music on our system. All we need is for people to brave the cold to find us.


Bill gives our miniature railway a dust and polish alongside the decorating process. Our alternate engine is assigned to haul the carriages. This one doesn’t have built-in steam noises so we can let it run for extended periods without driving us bats. We need to find a santa or some reindeer to ride in the open wagon.

Here we record highlights from our day to day activity