November 2014

Serving Private Ryan


We had lots of WW2 GIs in the coffee shop on the annual Railway in Wartime weekend. As usual for this event, we offered our utility menu designed to reflect wartime shortages and allow us to cope with a big influx of customers needing serving in short order - you don’t want to keep a man with a Thompson sub-machine gun waiting!


As well as GIs, we served VAD nurses, a member of the French resistance and lots of evacuees. Our young staff members dressed up to look the part too.


As with most of October, the weather was good: clear and sunny with people enjoying sitting outside watching the trains go by with their coffee and cake.

Our last week of the 2014 season was a busy half term - an upbeat note to end on. The third season has proved a successful one with lots of positive comments from new and returning customers and us feeling that we know the ropes. We are ready for our break now though. Time to relax and enjoy the autumn colours all around us.


Here we record highlights from our day to day activity