November 2015

You have reached your destination


We served our last coffee of 2015 on Sunday the 1st of November at the end of a busy half term week with lots of families visiting. It feels good to have completed our fourth season. We have been making the most of the mild weather sorting out our planted areas in the playground and generally clearing up.

There's been quite a lot of rain at times so the river (the Murk Esk) is up and flowing quite fast. On Saturday night, fire engines raced to the village to rescue a Sainsbury's delivery driver. Making a late evening delivery of groceries, he had allowed the satellite navigation to direct him across the ford, which is about fifty feet below us. The van (with him and the groceries in it) was swept off the ford and into the river. The firefighters got him out safely. We don't know if the groceries got delivered. On Sunday the same thing happened to the driver of a car. It pays to use your own judgement when making use of helpful technology.


Emily's 'Anzac' cookies were very popular during the Railway in Wartime weekend in the middle of October. Called 'Anzac" because they were based on a New Zealand recipe, they went pretty fast. Of course, they wouldn't really have been available in WW2.


People really make an effort to dress the part in War Weekend. These children look like they've stepped out of one of the Narnia books. They enjoyed completing our quiz and hearing about the children from London and Hull who were evacuated to Grosmont during the war


We spotted this sign on a visit to Sandsend beach after work, in our last week. What's next? 'Caution wet sea' perhaps.

Here we record highlights from our day to day activity