October 2014

The gang's all here


On a wet Saturday morning the coffee shop filled with the swishing and ripping sounds of velcro tabs and zips being released and the smell of wet leather and waxed jackets as we played host to a group of bikers. Like a group of 21st century knights taking off their armour after a day of jousting, before checking their e-mails on their smart phones. A bulky Ducati biker offered to 'be mother' and serve the Earl Grey to his partner. Three mountain bikers, sodden and mud spattered, arrived soon after and sat outside in 'Canine Corner' warming up with soup and coffee. Peasantry outside in the rain and the nobility inside - straight out of The Seven Samurai.


Very busy on the Steam Gala weekend with lots of visitors up to see the guest engines puffing up and down the line in glorious sunshine. We noticed the crowds of photographers on the viewing platform opposite us and wonder how many photos get taken.


The extra engines and the fine weather resulted in our busiest day to date on the Saturday. Thankfully, no-one had to wait too long to be served and the cake and scone supplies held up until the end of the day, just.

Our young staff members coped really well; we couldn't have managed without them. We are gearing up this week for the Railway in Wartime weekend; if the weather is half decent we expect to be busy again.

Here we record highlights from our day to day activity