September 2017

Hens, rains, pawns and dawns


We hosted a hen party in the coffee shop this month. The bride-to-be had been a pupil at school here and will be getting married in St Matthew's, next door, in a couple of weeks. They were a very happy group of hens; quite peckish but not raucous at all


The Murk Esk which runs below us - about 30 feet below us thankfully - was swollen with heavy rain earlier in the month. It is normally between six inches and eighteen inches deep but had risen to about five feet after 24 hours of heavy rain. This photo shows the ford at the bottom of the village. Fortunately for us there's a footbridge to the left of it so we don't have to wade across.

Our chess set in the coffee shop has become increasingly popular with customers. Some fairly intense games have been lost and won over coffee and cake while waiting for trains. We have a draughts set outside for people who prefer a quicker contest.


We have had some beautiful sunny mornings in between the rainy grey days. Definitely autumnal though, with the sun lower in the sky and the dew heavy on the grass. Inexorably the dawn is creeping later as the days shorten. It's good we've got our supply of logs in for the winter. Customers have appreciated our log burner being lit on chillier days.
Here we record highlights from our day to day activity