Having your cake and eating it


Our coffee shop kitchen is pretty small. On busy baking mornings there’s a lot of sashaying and shimmying past each other to get our respective bakes ready and out of the ovens in time. We’ve adjusted our initial recipes to get the results we need and are confident now that they will sell and be enjoyed. Here are flapjacks, brownies, tomato & gruyere tarts and Portuguese custard tarts, prior to a busy Saturday. Of course, if we fancy one ourselves, it’s usually sold just before we close. Probably just as well, or the shimmying would get more difficult!


Like everyone’s I guess, our plants have been thriving in the glorious weather. You can almost see the sunflowers growing. Daily watering is part of our closing down routine. There’s something very soothing about the splash of water drops on thirsty foliage. What is it about hosepipes and kinks though? The honeysuckle plants on either side of our entrance gates are beginning to look the part.


We’ve just had the last of our precious Mondays off before the school holidays start. Last year we worked through with only one day off (due to an electricity ‘outage’) between April and September. We were running on empty by the end of that and decided to pace ourselves this year. We try and make sure we get our daily walk or tandem ride in after work to clear the coffee fumes from our minds and remind ourselves of life beyond school bounds. We realise we can cope better these days and, as ever, our spirits are lifted when people appreciate the place and what we offer. We are struck by the enjoyment families get when their children (and often the adults too) are able to play in our playground as an adjunct to the refreshments. Our hula hoops are in constant use. I wonder if they’re often available in current school playgrounds.


Our young team members are settling in well. Some have been with us since last year and have graduated to making coffee on the machine. Newer ones are getting used to our routines and visibly growing in confidence. Our nieces and nephews have booked their slots over the long holiday and will be joining us in the coming weeks. We’re looking forward to seeing them and have booked refresher courses for them with our super ‘barista’ from our coffee supplier.

Our new postcards (mainly photos by Bill) have gone on display and are selling well.

Here we record highlights from our day to day activity