Our menu

We find that most people like a single shot, but we are happy to make yours with a double shot, if you like your coffee stronger
Our Coffees

We use a five arabica fairtrade mix of beans for our espresso which forms the basis of all our coffees. We find that most people like a single shot, but we are happy to make yours with a double shot, if you like your coffee stronger.

Our coffee is freshly ground for each customer - we don’t want coffee grounds sitting in the grinder losing flavour before they’re used. Making the coffee properly takes a little time but we think it’s worth the wait. We use semi-skimmed, fresh milk. We have soya milk if you prefer.

Espresso - a rich, intense shot of coffee made on our Italian Dalla Corte espresso machine.
Have a doppio (double) for a real coffee boost.

We serve our main coffees in two sizes: Regular (7oz cup) or Large (10 oz cup).

Latte - a shot of espresso with steamed milk, topped off with foamed milk.

Cappuccino - a shot of espresso with a little steamed milk and a thick top layer of foamed milk.
We’ll add some chocolate dusting if you wish.

Americano - a shot of espresso with hot water for a longer drink, black.
We can serve it with hot or cold milk on the side, so you can make it just the way you like.

Mocha - a latte with an added shot of chocolate.

Hot drinks for those who prefer something other than coffee

(we know you're out there)

Hot Chocolate
- we melt Belgian chocolate pastilles then whizz them with steamed milk for a rich, indulgent chocolate treat. Top off with mini marshmallows if you really want to gild the lily.


We use Williamson’s Lifeboat teas. They are fairly traded and, for every box we buy, 7p is donated to the RNLI for its life-saving work. We serve it by the pot. Top up with hot water if you need to squeeze out that extra cup.

English Breakfast - a refreshing, strong traditional blend of Kenyan tea
Earl Grey - with a hint of bergamot, take it with milk or lemon if you prefer
Green - cleansing and pure

We also have a selection of fruit teas, including peppermint and camomile.

Cold drinks

We serve a small selection of wine, bottled beer and lager along with current favourite old fashioned sodas, fruit juices and squash.


Alongside freshly made sandwiches and home made soups, we serve a wide range of hot and cold light bites throughout the day, with fresh ingredients and influences from around the world.


We offer a range of home made cakes, scones, tarts, cupcakes, biscuits and tray bakes including vegan and gluten free options.

Shakes, smoothies & ices

Luxury milk shakes made with fresh milk, real fruit and Beacon Farm ice cream - strawberry, banana or chocolate. Yum.

fruit smoothies - `a delicious cooling blend of seasonal soft fruit, fruit juice and Beacon Farm fruit sorbet.

Beacon Farm individual
ices - tempting tubs of locally made ice cream. Choose strawberry, chocolate or vanilla.