May 31st

List of Object Lessons given to the Infants during the year.

Outside of a House
Inside of a House
The Grocer's Shop
An Umbrella
The Elephant
An apple
The Tiger
The Swan
The Bear
The Camel
The Stork
Wild Flowers
A Book
The Schoolroom
The Cat


Summary of H.M.I's Report, signed by Henry Robinson, Chairman & Corresponding Manager.

Mixed School. "The school has suffered on account of an epidemic during the past year. Taking this into account, its condition does great credit to the Master."
Infants' Class. "The Infants are, under the circumstances, very nicely taught. Their needlework has improved."
L. Parkinson and G.M. Jillson have passed fairly, but Parkinson should attend to Geography and Knowledge of Method, and Jillson to Geography; M.J.Tyreman to Arithmetic and Knowledge of Method.

E. Jones Certificated Teacher, 1st Class
S. Poole Assistant Teacher, Article 50
A.S. Dunn Assistant Teacher, Article 50
M.J. Tyreman Pupil Teacher in Third Year
L. Parkinson Pupil Teacher in Third Year
G.M. Jillson Pupil Teacher in Second Year


July 7th Wesleyan Sunday School Treat.
School closed in afternoon.
Miss Poole returned.

July 8th Rev. H. Robinson & Mr W.H. Talbot visited the school and presented the following scholars with rewards for attendance.
(1) James Naylor
(2) Mary Tyreman
(3) John Palmer
(4) Margaret Petch
(5) Robert Bennett
(6) Ada Jefferson

July 18th "Broke up" at noon, for a month's holiday.

August 18th Reopened school today.
Attendance good in all classes but the first.
Found the school nicely fresh and clean, the walls and ceiling having been washed during the holidays.


Copy of Diocesan Report, signed by … Toovey, Diocesan Inspector

Special Results
Knowledge of Old Testament VG VG VG VG
Knowledge of New Testament VG VG VG VG
Knowledge of Catechism VG G VG
Knowledge of Prayer Book VG VG
Repetition of Scripture VG VG VG G
Repetition of Hymns, Collects E E E E
Repetition of Catechism VG VG VG VG
Writing from Memory G VG

General Report
"It is always a pleasure to examine this school, the teaching is careful and capable, the answering for the most part was uniform and accurate.
The infants are promising and their repetition was intelligent.
The singing was very good."


Object Lessons

The Camel, Reindeer, Fowls, Rain, Paper,
Wool, Chalk, Grocer's Shop, Four Seasons,
Good Manners, Cleanliness, Sponge, Money,
The Fox, Railway Station, Salt, Bread,
A Ship, Plants, Leather, Glass, Tea,
Trees, Schoolroom, Colour, Baskets,
Cups & Saucers, Coal, An Apple.



Division II

Sweet Bells
Now to the Highland
Now the Sun is Sinking
Sleep o Sleep

Division I

Poor Little Jack
Fairy Bells
Sleighing Song
Past Eight o'clock