August 12th

Entered upon my duties as master of this school.

August 17th

The work done this week was fair, considering the circumstances. Mr Bailey visited the school. No lessons given to pupil teachers as they are without books.

August 24th

The average attendance this week is slightly above that of last. Tuesday afternoon was given as a holiday to allow the master and pupil teachers to accompany the Church choir to Lythe Choral festival.

August 31st

The average attendance has improved this week notwithstanding the absence of many children from school on Wednesday, the day of Whitby Agricultural Show. The pupil teachers had their lessons at the beginning of the week from 7 to 8 a.m; but this arrangement was temporarily altered on Wednesday to the hour after the afternoon school, in order to suit the convenience of Sarah Aaron.


December 31st Copy of the Report of the Diocesan Inspector

(School inspected on December 20th 1877)

Number Examined 195
Holy Scripture:

Division I very good
Division II good
Division III good

Catechism and Prayer Book

Division I very fair
Division II very fair
Division III good

The School is doing very well under Mr Walker, and careful attention appears to be given to the Religious Instruction.
The results of the Examination were quite satisfactory. I was in particular much pleased with the accurate knowledge of Division I in the Scripture subjects: the Infants too have been very suitably and diligently taught by Miss Goodwin.

Signed M.C.F Morris
John Bailey



August 24th

The father of Chas (Charles) Lumley came this morning in trouble about his son.
Upon the father promising to uphold my authority, I permitted the lad to come in the afternoon.

Aug 25th

Chas. Lumley behaves remarkably well, and I am confident that my refusal to keep him in school had a beneficial effect on him and the school generally.
Holiday in afternoon on account of the Grosmont Horticultural Show. Mr Dyson away all day by permission.

September 3rd A good attendance and a fair week’s work.

September 8th E. Jones too unwell to attend school. Holiday in consequence.

September 9th E. Jones still very poorly, but school kept on by Mr Dyson.

September 10th E. Jones unable to leave the house.

October 1st Still a small school but slightly larger than that of last week.

October 5th A very wet day, and few children present. Commenced afternoon school at one o’clock and “dismissed” at half past three.

Her Majesty’s Inspector’s Report for the year ended May 31st 1880, signed by Henry Robinson MA, Chairman & Correspondent.

The state of this School reflects great credit upon Mr Walker, now unhappily deceased. The Order is very good. The Standard work thoroughly well done throughout. Work done under Article 19(C), Grammar, Geography and Needlework, is quite satisfactory.

English Literature is very good, and Mathematics, Physical Geography and Domestic Economy are fair.

The specimens of Needlework are good. The Infants are in good order and well taught.

The passes in Literature of the Scholars numbered 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 134, 135 and 137 on the Examination Schedule have been disallowed under the fourth Schedule to the Code.

W. Dyson and E. Evans have passed fairly, but Evans should attend to Composition and Geography. Dyson should be informed that he is now qualified under Article 79, but can only qualify himself under Article 60 by passing satisfactorily the examination specified under Article 91.

A. Murchie has passed an unsatisfactory examination. Should he be required to complete the Staff, and fail to the same extent next year, the Grant will have to be reduced under Article 32c.

Edward Jones Certificated Teacher, 2nd Class
William Dyson Assistant Teacher (Article 79)
E.L. Evans Pupil Teacher, 2nd Year
Amelia Lawson Assistant Teacher (Article 60)