July 3rd Punctuality at prayers and grace very observant.

July 7th to 10th Holiday from noon & the remainder of the week for the purpose of school cleaning & repairing.

July 14th Revd J. Bailey examined the children as to cleanliness.

July 15th The Catechism of the 2nd Class deficient.

July 17th Many children absent in the Hay-fields.

July 29th The Dictation much improved.

August 11th Many children in the hayfields.

August 12th The 1st Class reading defective in expression.

August 13th Thin attendance through rain.

August 14th Visit of Mrs Bailey who examined the girls’ sewing etc.

August 19th Arithmetic of 3rd improving.

August 20th Tables of 2nd defective.

August 26th Thin attendance consequent upon the Agricultural Show at Whitby.

September 1st Many children in the harvest field.

September 3rd Notation and Numeration generally better.

September 4th Reading of 2nd improving.

September 7th to 18th Harvest Holidays.

September 21st Children still busy in the fields.

September 29th School Treat.

September 30th Thin attendance.

October 1st An improvement in the attendance.

October 5th Great irregularity in bringing the pence.

October 7th Conference of Revd J. Bailey with Master as regards attendance.

October 12th Mental Arith. Generally requires attention.

October 14th Revd J. Bailey examined 1st & 2nd in Mental Arith. & Scripture.

October 16th The Secular Reading of the girls neglected on account of the Sewing.

October 19th The Writing of the lower classes improving.

October 22nd The Home lessons generally are well repeated.

October 23rd The attendance of the Night School improving.

October 28th Many children in the potato fields.

October 29th Adoption of giving Tickets for attendance etc.

October 30th Very thin attendance through inclemency.

November 2nd Cautioned the children as to behaviour.

November 4th An improvement in the 4th Arithmetic.

November 5th Thin attendance consequent upon Egton fair.

November 6th Revd J. Bailey and Mr Yeoman visited School.

November 10th Part of 3rd Class begin Subtraction.

November 13th This week there has been generally a better tone prevailed throughout the School both as regards work done and general behaviour.

November 16th Today a new Seamstress begins.

November 19th Miss Harrison overlooked the girls’ work.

November 20th I find the elder children know very little of the Arithmetical signs.

November 24th Some of the 2nd Class begin long Division.

November 27th The Night School is much better attended and the men evince a strong inclination to improvement.

December 1st There was a good increase of children.

December 2nd Revd J. Bailey heard the 1st & 2nd a Scripture leading lesson and gave instructions concerning the Christmas Examination.

December 3rd Obliged to alter the time of commencing to 1 O’Clock and leave at 3½ on account of darkness setting in before 4 O’Clock.

December 4th The numbers during the former part of the week were good but a violent storm arising they fell off. For the same cause the Night School was only thinly attended.

December 7th Began School at 1½ & to continue so.

December 14th Disturbed during the day through the mason and blacksmith putting up rods for window blinds.

December 17th Preparations for the School Examination to-morrow Evening & distribution of prizes.


January 4th Mrs Ellison took charge of the girls in the afternoon.

January 8th The attendance was very good at the beginning of the week but in consequence of the severe cold was thinner towards the end. The children rather strange to their work the first week after the holidays.

January 15th As many children have just been drafted from the lower to higher classes their progress at present is not very great.

January 18th The Infants taught in the general School.

January 21st I find the children of the 4th Class very noisy.

January 25th John Perry’s agreement signed. (a pupil teacher?..)

February 5th Some families are leaving the neighbourhood.

February 12th The attendance this week has been at times thin consequent upon the stormy weather. There was a half day holiday on Shrove Tuesday and we attended Church on Ash Wednesday morning. The children come up fairly to the Standards of writing.

February 18th Some of the 1st Class boys begin Fractions.


January 2nd We were very late in commencing this morning in consequence of the fire not being ready. The weather being so bitterly cold as to make it impossible to do any work in so cold a room.

January 3rd It has been such a fearfully inhospitable day as to render it impossible for children to come to school, and we have consequently a very thin attendance.

January 5th The boys are going over their Arithmetic to refresh their memories, and I find that many have forgotten their former sums.

January 6th The attendance this week has been very moderate owing to its being the first week after the Holidays, the inclement weather and illness. The week has been mainly spent in going over the previous work principally Arithmetic.

Today I give up the charge of the Grosmont National School after Four years and a quarter’s service.
The first week I had Twenty three children on the books.
The week now I leave there are One hundred and Eleven.
This must be a significant fact.

John Ellison

1863 - 1865