April 3rd
Entered upon my duty as master of the Grosmont National School. Rev. J. Bailey visited in the morning.

April 4
Found it necessary to make several alterations in the organization of the school. Rev J. Bailey visited in the afternoon.

April 5
Examined the first class in Arithmetic & found their notation deficient.

April 6
Nothing of importance.

April 7
The work & order of the school more satisfactory. Rev J. Bailey visited the school.

April 10
Began lessons with the Monitors Bewick & Jackson.

April 11
Girls commenced sewing under the superintendence of Mrs Whitehouse. Mrs Bailey visited the school.

April 12
Nothing of importance.

April 13
Rev J. Bailey visited the school.

April 14
“Good Friday”. The children assembled at school, went through the proper Psalms for the day & then marched to Church. No Attendance marked.

April 17
Very small attendance being Easter Monday.


February 25
Many children absent through sickness.

February 26
Fourth Standard (lower division) commenced Compound Short Division.

February 27
Nothing of importance.

February 28
Nothing of importance.

March 1
Rev J. Bailey and Mrs Bailey visited in the afternoon, and looked over the girls sewing. And heard the children sing.

March 4
Better school. Several children present who had been ill.

March 5
First Class occupied with adding the Marks obtained during the last quarter.
The highest Marks are obtained by the same children as last quarter
Mary Scales 654
Phoebe Speed 669
Richard Speed 583
Fanny Tyremead 542
1865 - 1866