We thought we might need a few rules. We are in an old school after all.
Follow these to avoid detention!

[1] Please order at the counter - we will bring your food and drinks to your table.

[2] Please tell us if you have an allergy. We can usually provide a safe alternative food or drink for you.

[3] We make our fresh coffees with a single shot as that is what most people prefer. If you like a stronger coffee let us know and we’ll make yours with a double shot.

[4] The school has a strict no smoking policy (not even behind the bike sheds!). We need to set a good example to the children.

[5] Feel free to browse through our collection of books while you enjoy your snack. Some of them are very old and appreciate careful handling (don’t we all!)

[6] You are welcome to make use of our free WiFi service to check your e-mails or surf the net. No cheating on your homework though. Ask at the counter for the password.

[7] Guide dogs are allowed inside the coffee shop with their owners. We ask other dog owners to make use of our ‘canine corner’ covered outdoor seating area where they will find fresh water for their dogs. If you don’t want them to feel left out, we offer a complimentary dog biscuit. But remember it’s only for the dog!

[8] If something isn’t right, please tell us and we’ll try to fix it straight away.

[9] If you have enjoyed your visit please sign the visitors book and tell your friends.

[10] It’s good to share. If you want an extra fork or plate that’s no problem.

[11] Tell us if you want to ‘hold the mayo’ or swap a different ingredient from our menu. If we have it, we’ll do it.

[12] Enjoy.

Emily Thwaite and Bill Sanderson